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Let’s agree that we all have/had good and bad days. Not all the days are bright and not all the nights are restful. Not all who you meet everyday are your friends and not all that you touch become gold. Not all your shots are bullseye and not all your journeys are cheerful. Nobody likes failures and obstacles but they do appear on the way to success. It’s easy to lose positivity and feel low. But is it an option in today’s competitive world?

I consider myself lucky and gifted that changes in the environment don’t affect me much. But it’s life and sometimes it punches really hard. And, it can shake you to the core. When it happens, you bleed confidence. I’m no exception and I shared a bit of my story in last blog post.

How to restore the positivity or positive energy back?

There’s no easy answer, I’m afraid. We, humans are too complicated for a generic solution. It’s a vast subject for research and debate. Many theories exist and so do their criticism. I’m not gonna trigger any debate here.

I do use few odd tricks to energize myself with positivity. If you are an introvert like me, give it a try, it might help you.

Share your feelings

Yes, share your feelings. If you don’t, it will bloat. Share it with someone in family or friends or someone you trust a lot. But it’s very difficult for an introvert to share what he/she is facing or feeling. My friends, relatives and even my family members will vouch here that they don’t know my “down” moments. They know my success stories because I shared only happy moments with them. I do share my down moments (in fact everything) with my best friend, The Almighty.

Talk to yourself / don’t blame yourself

Do not blame yourself for your current situation. No, please don’t. And, don’t blame others too. Accept your mistakes and face your fears. Appraise yourself, praise yourself and pat your back for the good deeds. No one knows you better than yourself. Spend some quality time with someone who knows you best. Look in the mirror, talk to yourself, mock yourself.

Surround yourself with kids or pets

Yeah, own some pets. I meant warm-blooded animals. Or have kids, lots and lots of kids (just kidding 😉 ). These are the most innocent, positivity spreading creatures in the world. Go to a park or beach, play with them, get yourself muddy, dirty or just talk to them. These are natural stress busters with minimum side effects. You will never know and they will kill the negativity all around you.

Read comics or watch superhero movies

It’s stupid. Indeed it is. But have you ever come across any comic book in which the hero gives up on the fight. The comic always ends with a positive note. This is the positivity you need at the moment. If you can learn from it, it will give you fighting spirit.

Watch inspirational movies / documentaries

There are tons of good movies which can inspire you. Pick one which suits to your liking and profession. It’s time well spent compared to chatting on Facebook. The Rocky Saga, 300, The Pursuit of Happyness, Extraordinary Measures are some of my favorites. Every time I watch these movies, I feel recharged.

Do you have your own tricks? Please drop me a line and stay connected.

This article is part of blog series Life on a roller coaster. It’s originally published at Dhanu IT | Blogs – The Official Blog of Dhanu IT Services. The author Devendra Shirbad aka ‘Dev’ uses an analogy of a roller coaster to represent the success, failure, challenges and fun in his entrepreneurial ride.

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Author: Devendra Shirbad

Devendra Shirbad is known as 'Dev' among the friends and database professional communities. Dev is active in IT industry since 2000. He started his IT journey as a freelance programmer. Over the years he has served many reputed IT companies like Microsoft, Accenture and SLK Softwares etc where he was involved in end-to-end project deliveries for enterprise customers. Dev is too passionate about data management and all facets of it. He takes active participation in database architectural designs, HA & DR strategy and data migration etc. His technical skills are certified by top blue chip IT companies like Microsoft, HP, IBM, Oracle & MongoDB etc.

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