Are you broke? It’s probably a sign of success…

Are you broke? Is your bank balance and petty cash dropping down to “zero”? Well, I have a good news for you. You are about to taste success, very soon. That’s a bold statement. Many of you have doubts and some of you strongly disagree with it. But if you read till the end, you *might* think differently.

Let’s go off the topic for a moment. Assume you are in a jungle. You are free to choose and become any animal you want. You can be a prey or a predator. Choose one, relax and try to feel and think like it.

Now, you (your chosen animal) are roaming freely in the jungle and suddenly you see / sense something which makes you run.

What makes a prey / predator run for life? What’s that keeps it alive? What’s that keeps it alert? What’s that not let it rest until death? It’s the survival instinct. The instinct in humans and animals to do things in a dangerous situation that will prevent them from dying. You might think, I watch National Geographic or Discovery channel a lot. Actually, I do. And I think you should do it too. Nothing motivates more than the willingness to survive (succeed). The stronger the fear of death (failure) will be, the extraordinary steps one will take to survive. We are programmed, hard-coded like that. It’s in our genes, the foundation of life.

I read success stories of great entrepreneurs and leaders. It’s my hobby and I’m sure you might have read couple of them yourself. What do they all have in common? It’s the fear of failure (pessimistic) or obstinacy for success (optimistic). I’m not a leader and not yet proved myself as a successful entrepreneur. But here is my story

I managed to get myself fired in 2010 from a reputed MNC (how did I manage that is a different and long story, may be some other time 😉 ). I didn’t see that coming but I was ready. I had reserves so I didn’t starve to death. In 3-4 weeks, I got another job and life became merry again. It was a lesson learned. I started planning my career and finance more seriously than ever. But it’s life and it had different plans for me.

In 2013, I quit my job abruptly due to personal reasons. I couldn’t accept full-time job for many months and my reserves were not enough. My bank balance and petty cash was dropping down to “zero”. Yup, I was broke and was starving to death. I had no clue what to do next to survive. I belong to a working class family. My grand parents were farmers. My father, uncles and family friends were at service. What I knew, what I have seen, what I have been taught since my childhood, was to get a decent job, stick to it and retire with some savings. Unfortunately, I didn’t have that option available.

To overcome the situation I did something I never planned. I never imagined myself starting my own business but it happened by end of 2013. I don’t gauge my business’s success by its revenue. I call it successful because it’s feeding my family and few others who joined the team later. It was hard time but we managed it and still doing it. I tasted my share of success and it tastes really good.

I would love to read your story as well. I welcome your thoughts. Please drop me a line and stay connected.

This article is part of blog series Life on a roller coaster. It’s originally published at Dhanu IT | Blogs – The Official Blog of Dhanu IT Services. The author Devendra Shirbad aka ‘Dev’ uses an analogy of a roller coaster to represent the success, failure, challenges and fun in his entrepreneurial ride.

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Author: Devendra Shirbad

Devendra Shirbad is known as 'Dev' among the friends and database professional communities. Dev is active in IT industry since 2000. He started his IT journey as a freelance programmer. Over the years he has served many reputed IT companies like Microsoft, Accenture and SLK Softwares etc where he was involved in end-to-end project deliveries for enterprise customers. Dev is too passionate about data management and all facets of it. He takes active participation in database architectural designs, HA & DR strategy and data migration etc. His technical skills are certified by top blue chip IT companies like Microsoft, HP, IBM, Oracle & MongoDB etc.

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